PVC and ALUMINUM Windows and Doors

All aluminum and Pvc products are made in our OWN FACTORY and you can choose your own size!
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Casement window

The window sash can be opened completely

Parallel slide and tilt window

The window can be in tilt position ( for ventilation) and also sliding

Turn &tilt window

The window can be openes completely and also can be put in tilt (ventilation) position

Folding windows

In this system , the glazed elements are folded in IN/OUTSIDE of a wall by using a rail


PVC is one of the most studied materials for its development and comfort. For its wide versatility is used in diverse areas as construction, energy, health, preservation of food and daily necessities areas, among other polymers used.

It is a lightweight, chemically inert and harmless materials. It is a thermoplastic material, that is to say, under the action of heat (140 to 205) may easily molded softens; when it cooled recover initial consistency preserving the new form.

Advantages of PVC


Acoustic Isolation


Strength and Durability


Thermal Insulation (it reduces energy losses)


The Best InsuLation for your Home.

Good insulation reduces heating costs in winter and protects from heat in summer. Also take care of outside /inside noise!

Our windows are characterized by modern insulating properties of the glazing and excellent insulation offered by their frames.

Windows and doors must to resist atmospheric influences and the effects of the weather. Protection against wind, rains and storms, demands reliable and guaranteed connections in construction and professional installation work.

– Interior swing with turn to right / left

– Swing with right or left turn

– Parallel tilt- and- turn

– Conventional folding / sliding parallel sliders

– Balcony door

– Street door

– Auxiliary door

-And doors with sliding systems (swing-up, vertical, horizontal, tilt-and-turn.

Conventional sliding, folding, parallel sliding lifts)

Tips when choosing windows and doors.

The Blinds
the profile color
Opening form: Folding / sliding
the glass. (important in the final values of thermal, acoustic and safety insulation)


Wonderful curtains glasses.

Decorate your space as you want. Feast your eyes with wonderful curtains glasses (most often Mediterranean Sea offer us stunning views) and do not forget about gardens/terraces which also can offer comfort. For durability to external factors, we recommend that the exterior design to be executed in aluminum and metal, very easy to maintain and minimal costs.

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